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Morgan and Rebecca will get Jedward-style Euro makeover

JEDWARD will have a secret weapon when it comes to their Eurovision bid in May -- their gorgeous backing singers Rebecca Creighton (21) and Morgan Deane (25).

The Herald can reveal how the team behind John and Edward Grimes (19) are planning to give their two support singers a sexy new makeover as part of their plan to take Europe by storm.

X Factor star Rebecca and Morgan are naturally thrilled with the added boost that performing with the X Factor twins will give them -- and are gearing up to unveil a hot new look in Dusseldorf in two months time.

"John and Edward have a great song with Lipstick, there's no doubting that it's very catchy and has a real Eurovision feel to it," said a source.

"But everyone knows that Eurovision has changed so much over the past few years and an act's success is based on how they look just as much as their song. You have to look the part as well as sound it.

"They'll be going up against some very strong competitors like Slovakia's identical twins Daniela and Veronika Nizlova, who look amazing. Rebecca and Morgan are also two good looking girls and it's just a matter of making them look their very best on stage in Dusseldorf and add some real sizzle to Jedward's performance."

X Factor finalist Rebecca, who featured in girlband Belle Amie, has admitted that not everyone's a huge fan of Jedward and they have had to really work hard over the past few months to win over their critics.

"They have a great following but I know they get a mixed reaction and not everyone loves them. But they have a great following, they're just two young boys having the craic," she told the Herald.

She is also hoping to get some momentum going for Belle Amie and is working hard to keep the band going after they became a three-piece made up of Esther Campbell and Sophia Wardman. They are back in the studio this week working on new material in a bid for chart success.


Meanwhile, Morgan is also gearing up to spend more time in the limelight in 2011. As well as supporting Jedward in their Eurovision bid, she is also enjoying a high-profile romance with South Africa cricketer Graeme Smith (30).

The Cork-born beauty recently went public on her romance with the sportsman and even flew over to India to the Cricket World Cup to be by his side as South Africa take on Ireland today.

The singer and model, who once dated Dave Murphy, originally started off her music career performing with Michele McGrath in former band Industry and auditioned for X Factor in 2006.