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Moore Street moves to England for Mrs Brown's new movie escapade

IT'S Moore Street -- but not as you know it. The famous Dublin street of open-air food stalls in the heart of the city centre is being recreated at Pinewood Studios in England.

The recreation is all part of comedian Brendan O'Carroll's latest movie venture, Mrs Brown -- De Filum.

Shooting begins on the Finglas man's €4.7m movie next August and Dublin's Moore Street is central to the plot.

The cameras need to roll day and night which would not have been possible on the street without closing it to the public for several weeks. The solution was to recreate the famous street at Pinewood Studios.

"It sounds mad but the only day we could film on the real Moore Street in Dublin was on a Sunday," explained the award-winning comedian.


"That was no good as we needed the street for weeks on end so the team are building their own Moore Street from pictures I've taken. They asked me how long it should be and I told them I didn't care as long as the number 83 Moore Street is in the film.

"That's where my granny was born", he added.

The new movie follows a successful book, stage show and sitcom featuring the day-to-day escapades of Mrs Brown and her sons.

O'Carroll picked up a Bafta for his comedy creation earlier this year.