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Money-grabbing nanny betrayed me -- Mills

Heather Mills said she felt betrayed by the nanny she rescued from a poorly paid job at a beauty salon and made part of her entourage.

She told an employment tribunal yesterday that Sara Trumble (26) was trying to cash in on her generosity and said she was devastated that the woman she once "treated like a daughter" was trying to claim money from her.

"As is my history of being 'Overly Helpful Heather', I tried to help her, help her better herself," she said.

"She was very motivated by money, and this seems to be her motive in bringing this claim."

Ms Mills received £24.3m (€27m) after her divorce from Paul McCartney. She had been seeking £125m (€139m) from their four-year marriage.

Ms Trumble alleges that she was forced to work beyond her duty as a nanny to their daughter, Beatrice (6).

The tribunal was told that she often asked Ms Mills for financial help, despite being given a £5,000 (€5,570) pay rise, a £1,000 Christmas bonus, £1,500 to replace stolen cash, £500 towards a flat deposit and being treated to "staff bonding holidays" at Richard Branson's Necker Island resort.


"I couldn't understand why she was always saying she didn't have enough money," Ms Mills said.

While giving evidence, the Dancing on Ice star appeared to be overcome with emotion as she described the close relationship that she had shared with the nanny, whom she also treated to shopping trips and a sports car. She composed herself before staring at the nanny: "She won't look anyone in the eye, because she knows she is lying," Ms Mills said.

She also denied Ms Trumble's allegations that she was unsympathetic and demanding while the nanny took maternity leave. "I know the difficulties of being a mother, never mind a mother trying to earn a living and have a career," she said.

Ms Trumble, of Westfield, East Sussex, earned £260 (€292) a week, cash in hand, from Ms Mills for four years. She is seeking compensation on the grounds of sex discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Ms Trumble also revealed that Paul McCartney gave her £10,000 when he found out that she had quit her job. The case continues today.