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Models swap catwalk for Kilimanjaro

IRELAND'S top models are set to strut their stuff on Africa's highest mountain.

Roz Purcell and Georgia Salpa plan to join Fade Street star Louise Johnston and Bulletin TV presenter Daniella Moyles in a charity challenge for the Make A Wish Foundation.

The four girls are set to film a new documentary for TV3 which will follow them on their journey to climb Kilimanjaro.

TV cameras are currently filming the girls as they go through a gruelling workout schedule in preparation for the climb in October.

Co-producer of the new documentary Lorna Weightman told the Herald that a camera crew will follow the models from start to finish.

"We will be filming the entire journey, from the committee meetings to the training at the gym, all the launches and all the events. Plus, the camera crew will be going up the mountains with them." she revealed.

The news comes just weeks after the Herald revealed that the production company in charge of Fade Street was set to make a new series called Model Life, which would see Georgia (26) as it's leading lady.

However, Lorna says that the four girls came up with this idea on their own and are really dedicated to the cause, adding that more than 200 children are currently on the waiting list for the Make A Wish Foundation, and they are all hoping to raise much-needed funds.

"Georgia, Daniella, Louise and Roz are all good friends and they got together and said, 'why don't we do something that would really make a difference?'.

"They are mad training at the moment, spending four days a week with a personal trainer."

And the girls are prepared to bare all in the name of charity. The models are set to strip for a special lingerie catwalk show in September to help raise more money.