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Models get VIP treatment with Naomi and Diaz

Models Leah O'Reilly, Allanah McGurk and Kerri Ingram Walpole rubbed shoulders with Naomi Campbell and Cameron Diaz on a night out in London.

Newly single Leah and her business partner Emily MacKeogh jetted to the UK for a weekend of partying ahead of Emily's birthday this week.

Leah (26) and Emily were joined by Compton models Allanah (daughter of Miriam O'Callaghan) and Kerri, and also managed to catch up with Assets beauty Louise Kavanagh, who is based in London.

And the group were thrilled when they bumped into the Hollywood A-listers at Mayfair hotspot Whiskey Mist.

"We had a great weekend, we just went over for a break to catch up with the girls so we're still recovering now," Leah explained.

"We couldn't believe it when we sat down in the VIP area of the club and saw Naomi Campbell and Cameron Diaz right beside us.

"I didn't actually know they were friends.

"We couldn't get near them to talk to them as they were mobbed but they seemed to be having a good night.

"We had a ball over there, I can definitely understand why so many people are moving over," she added.

The blonde beauty split with her Shamrock Rovers boyfriend Stephen Rice after eight months last November, but insists she is too busy with her Crystal and Co jewellery company to even think about her lovelife at the moment.

The Assets catwalk queen went on to explain how she and her model gal-pals are also busy planning a trip further afield in the coming months.

Leah is hoping to join fellow beauties including Jodi Wood and Michele McGrath for a break in Thailand in March and says they are planning to book the holiday next week.