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Model sisters make fine team

MODEL sisters Sara and Julie Kavanagh have graced the catwalk together in the past but now the high-profile siblings are set to work side by side on a daily basis.

The Diary can reveal how Assets beauty Sara has hired her younger sister to manage her new beauty salon business, Mudpie

Sara (23) explained how her ambitious younger sister is planning to return to her studies in January when she begins a masters degree, but until then will continue working full-ime at the south Dublin business.

"We've been getting on great and I love having her working with me. It was the first thing I thought of when she got home from the States."

Sara went on to explain how she and her personal trainer beau Alan Byrne are planning a holiday to the States over Christmas to celebrate their new business venture.

The beauty queen will meet up with fellow models Nadia Forde and Georgia Salpa and their respective boyfriends as they enjoy a group holiday to New York in time to ring in the New Year together.