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Model mum-to-be Alison would love to bring baby up here

YUMMY mummy-to-be Alison Canavan is set to turn her back on her high-flying modelling career in New York, in order to give her firstborn an authentic Irish upbringing.

Alison (32) had initially planned to return to her adopted home of the Big Apple, where the father of her baby is based, immediately after the child's birth next month.

However the Castleknock beauty has had a change of heart and says she will instead continue building her television career in Dublin, where she has a close family network.

"I've never had a baby before so I don't know what to expect, but to be honest I don't know how well it would fit in with the lifestyle in New York," she told the Diary.

"I'm loving being back home and my life here now. It's great having my family around and my sisters and their kids. I want them to know the baby and for him or her to know their roots.

"Before we know it, it will be Christmas so I'll think about it again then when I have a better idea about how I'm feeling about it all," she added.


Alison recently landed her first Irish television gig, after being signed up as TV3's answer to Jools Oliver with her own pregnancy slot on Ireland AM.

And it seems the down-to-earth model impressed Ballymount bosses so much that she's now in line for her own show.

Insiders have revealed how Alison has been approached to front her own series, which would see the cameras follow her life as a new mum.

"It's definitely something I'm enjoying and a new challenge for me so I'll hopefully be able to continue doing it in some capacity after the birth," she explained.

"Again it will all depend on how I'm coping with motherhood and the big change in my life. Between my contract with Mothercare and the TV3 work I've never been busier, so I definitely want to cut back on my workload once the baby arrives."

The Morgan Agency beauty, who is due to give birth in just four weeks, says she has chosen the names James Joseph for a boy, after her late grandfather and Ava Tess for a girl. And she's determined she won't be a "hero" at the birth.

"I certainly won't be saying no to any drugs. If I need an epidural then I'll take it, I've no intention of being a hero and suffering the pain if it's not necessary.

"I've been to the antenatal classes so I'm hoping that what I learned there will kick in when it comes to D-Day, although I'll probably be screaming my head off," she laughed.

Alison went on to explain how fellow model pal Roz Lipsett, who is back in New York for the summer, has been in constant contact. She will be among the first to meet the new arrival when she returns home to continue her law degree next month.