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Model mum Sarah admits she'd try Botox to get rid of her wrinkles

MODEL Sarah McGovern says she wouldn't rule out getting Botox injections in order to maintain her looks in the future.

"Never say never," the 32-year-old mum told the Diary.

The Dublin model admitted that, like most women, she suffers from more then a few insecurities. "I do have a few wrinkles and I always feel like I have dark circles under my eyes. But I don't think I'm doing too badly -- I hope," she laughed.

Sarah said it may be a few years yet before she seriously considers going under the needle. "It's not something I want to do at the minute, but come back to me in five years; I may have changed my mind."

The glowing mum certainly doesn't look like she's in need of the forehead freezing injections and puts her dewy complexion down to genes.

"I'm lucky with my skin. I have good genes; my mum and grandmother both had great skin. I don't do anything too expensive. No microdermabrasions -- nothing like that. I just keep things simple and drink lots and lots of water."

Sarah, who is married to partner of 10 years Kenny Vaughan, famously returned to work just weeks after giving birth to baby Jude. The stunning blonde was back on the catwalk modelling lingerie just 16 weeks after giving birth.

Earlier this year, Sarah defended her decision to return to work so quickly: "Girls here don't earn supermodel rates and I have to pay the mortgage every month.

"In a way I'm self employed so I don't get pregnancy leave," she told the Herald.

Not that Sarah is complaining: "This is the path I chose and I'm happy with that. Even if I won the Lotto tomorrow I would still keep on working."