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Model mum Corina tells secret of new slim look

YUMMY mummy Corina Grant has revealed the secret to her new slimmed down look - the much-hyped Nutron diet.

The Assets model has struggled to shed those stubborn post-baby pounds since giving birth to her first child Cara Leigh two years ago.

However since signing up for the strict diet, which requires a blood test beforehand in order to design a personalised eating plan for each individual, Corina (37) has already dropped a dress size and is now close to regaining her pre-pregnancy shape.

"I'd rather not get into how much weight I've lost because I'm in the middle of it at the moment so I still have some work to do but it's going well so far," she told the Diary.

"Initially I didn't really have any dieting plan after giving birth. I was a bit ignorant to the huge effect it has on your whole body shape because you see some people and they just ping back to the way they were before.

"Now that I'm on the Nutron plan I'm starting to look and feel more like my old self," she added.

Corina, who shot to fame in the early Noughties as one of Ireland's best-known clotheshorses, says she is hoping to have at least one more child.

"I'm one of five children myself so I had always anticipated that I would have four or five kids of my own but I'd say we'll be rethinking that. I have my hands full with just Cara Leigh," she said.