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Model mum Alison ready to rock as reality star pal AJ jets into town

TOP model Alison Canavan is gearing up for some Married To Rock chaos next week when her best pal AJ Celi jets into town with her E! reality cameras in tow.

The stunning Castleknock model has exclusively revealed to the Herald that equally gorgeous AJ will be arriving in Dublin on the January 24 to meet her five-month-old son James for the first time.

And the 31-year-old yummy-mummy admitted she is hoping to squeeze in a rare night out in the capital with the reality TV star, who is married to The Cult rocker Billy Duffy.

"We've been best friends for years," said Alison. "We met in New York a long time and have been great friends since. People used to call us the 'Terrible Twins'.

"AJ is an absolute dote and I can't wait to see her. Billy, who is originally from Manchester, is going to be on tour in the UK, so AJ is coming here for a few days to meet James properly.

"I had her producer from E! on to me this morning because they want me to do some press with her over in the UK for the show. I'm not sure what we'll be doing yet, but we're going to try to fit in as much stuff as we can.

"I've been watching Married To Rock and I think it's hilarious. I'm not really shocked by anything on it because I already know what is going on in AJ's life.


"It'll be nice to have her over here for a few days to see the baby. I can't wait now, it's really exciting," she added.

Married To Rock focuses on the lives of the spouses of four rock musicians and has been one of the E! network's hottest new reality programmes since it began in November.

Meanwhile, bubbly Alison has also revealed that she has had to postpone her upcoming trip to New York, where she was due to shoot her first assignment since giving birth to James last September.

"I was supposed to be going over to New York for a job but the baby was sick so I didn't want to take a chance. I was lucky enough that they were able to reschedule it for another time.

"It's for a catalogue that I shoot every year for the same company, so they can shoot it again maybe in March.

"I'm dying to bring James over to New York to meet all my old friends and colleagues. I do miss living over there a little bit, but it's lovely to be back home."