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Model boss Jules has baby 12 weeks early as illness threatened to kill them both

ONE of the country's leading model bosses was forced to have her baby 12 weeks early after an illness threatened her life and that of her baby.

Jules Fallon underwent an emergency C-section after she developed the pregnancy condition preeclampsia toxemia.

The former model initially had a healthy pregnancy but then suddenly with more than 12 weeks to go before the birth, her health took a drastic turn for the worse.

"I was very sick for two weeks. I was 10 days in Mount Carmel and it was so severe two weeks later and the doctor sent off blood tests and they told me I had to get to Holles Street immediately," Jules said.

"I had preeclampsia toxemia -- it was really pretty horrific.

"It's a severe disease and they told me that the only way to cure me was to take my baby out."

Jules, who runs First Options model agency, was rushed as an emergency case to Holles Street to save her and her unborn little girl.

"Her placenta was poisoning me," she told the Herald.

"They said that if the baby remained inside me I could have a fit, my blood would stop clotting.

"It was hit and miss for a while. They told me they needed to 'buy 24 hours'."

Doctors worked against the clock as they gave the unborn baby shots into her lungs and sodium potassium for her developing brain.

"Dr Rhona Mahony, who is to be the new master of Holles Street, was waiting for me at the front door. So I was in amazing hands," she said.

"The brilliant team of doctors helped her survive," Jules said.

"24 hours later I had a C-section and she was taken into neonatal intensive care unit. She's been there ever since."

Baby Arian is now two weeks and three days old, but she is battling day by day.

"She's 2lbs -- she's the size of your hand," the proud mum said. "She's absolutely minute.

"It's a day by day game. There have been some scary days.

"But she's an amazing fighter."