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Miss Universe hope Joanne says she's no wannabe WAG

MISS Universe Ireland contestant Joanne Martin is dating one of Ireland's up and coming footballers -- but she's adamant she's no wannabe WAG.

The BScene model insists that she has worked too hard to make a name for herself in her own right to trade on the football career of her boyfriend, Irish midfielder Joey O'Brien.

Joanne (21) told the Herald she and the Bolton Wanderers player have no desire to join the showbiz set and says they intend to keep their romance under the radar if she wins the coveted title on Friday night.

The leggy blonde is set to don the Miss Citywest sash at the final of Andrea Roche's annual Miss Universe Ireland beauty pageant at The Wright Venue and is hoping Joey will be able to get time off from his busy training schedule to attend.

"He's not sure yet if he'll have to train that evening but if not, then he'll definitely be there to cheer me on. They're going to find out what their schedule is like sometime later this week so I'm praying he'll make it," she said.

"Even though I'm going for this I wouldn't see myself as a WAG at all. I've just finished four years in college, where I studied Business and Marketing at Tallaght IT, and I'm planning to do a post-grad in media studies after this.

"I'm hoping to make some contacts in the industry by taking part in the competition."