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HE knocked himself out after falling into a glass wall -- but less than 24 hours later teenage pop star Justin Bieber was singing again on a Parisian street corner.

Word of his impromptu intimate concert spread like wildfire through Paris -- and it wasn't long before hundreds of female fans rushed to the spot to catch a glimpse of the Baby star.

Serenading his adoring fans from a balcony, Justin (18) sang hits Baby and One Time to the increasingly frenzied crowd gathered below on the street.

Wearing a leather jacket and dancing under the watchful eye of the ever-present bodyguard and grinning guitarist, a relaxed Justin appeared to enjoy himself as he played behind the Pantheon monument in the Latin Quarter.

It's all a world away from the concussed teenager who passed out briefly after crashing into a glass wall on Thursday.

The mishap happened as he was performing onstage during an intimate concert in the French capital.

In video footage taken in the immediate aftermath, Justin complained that he felt "light-headed".

After the incident, he went backstage and passed out for a few seconds.

The singer later explained how the doctor told him he suffered concussion and ordered him to relax.

He later took to his Twitter page, telling millions of followers: "Gotta laugh at yourself sometimes."

The singer appeared to be back to himself less than 24 hours later, singing from a balcony to screaming female fans.

Some of the girls, who waved messages saying "Thank You Justin", got into occasional scraps with security guards posted at the entrance of the building.

Fans had waited hours for the arrival of their pop idol after being told via Bieber's Twitter feed to "sing with" Justin at the offices of record label Universal in Paris.

"We've been here since 10.30am. We got in a taxi and came straight here after it appeared on Twitter," said 21-year-old student Sonia O'Donnell, accompanied by her friend Sinead Murphy.