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Miriam's shock at controversial 'hot mum' accolade

Miriam O'Callaghan has expressed her shock at being named the country's number one 'milf'.

The RTE Prime Time presenter, who has carved out an impressive career as one of our most respected broadcasters, was shocked after a PR firm labelled her with the derogatory term.

The mum of eight told the Herald that the accolade would not be going "anywhere near her house".

Pembroke Communications issued survey results ahead of a Mother's Day promotion, where she was voted, by overwhelming majority, to be the country's hottest mum.

However, they referred to her as the number one 'milf'.


The ever-diplomatic Miriam said: "I am always honoured and flattered when people vote for me to win any award. I never believe I deserve any of them.

"So, of course, I am pleased and would like to say thank you to all who voted for me. I'm not even going to comment on the way it's been labelled by some."

A massive 53pc of voters chose Miriam as their choice of the country's hottest mum, but the press release was headlined, 'Miriam O'Callaghan is voted Ireland's favourite milf', despite the fact that the slang term was not featured in the survey.

The release was intended to promote gift vouchers as the perfect Mother's Day gift, but the PR firm has been forced to defend their controversial term and apologise to Miriam.

"The results were meant to be tongue in cheek," a squirming spokesperson for Pembroke Communications said.

"The question asked respondents who they thought was the hottest Irish mum and we certainly didn't mean to offend Miriam as this was meant as a bit of fun, but not in a derogatory way.

"We think that Miriam is a fantastic TV icon and this was intended as a celebration of her beauty."

Meanwhile, the presenter is revelling in her professional success, with the news that RTE bosses are so impressed with her programme that they have extended it by an extra few weeks.

"It is coming back and it will be for a longer run," she told the Herald. "I think they're going to run it from the beginning of June until around the end of August which is great."