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Miriam jibes cut from McWilliams book

ECONOMIST David McWilliams has removed any mention of RTE broadcaster Miriam O'Callaghan in a reprinted version of his controversial book Follow The Money.

McWilliams was widely branded "sexist" by critics last year when he suggested in his book that the experienced broadcaster "seduces" her interviewees.

But the book's publisher, Gill and MacMillan, has confirmed to the Herald that all comments relating to O'Callaghan have been removed from the paperback version.

In his original book, McWilliams claimed that the Prime Time presenter had an interviewing method that was similar to seduction.

He wrote: "Miriam winks, with a faint pout and the casual lick of those hyper-glossed lips. 'You're mine now, boy,' she signals. 'This is my web you've just walked into. Clothes on or off'."

The economist also raised eyebrows when he said that the well-known presenter was "voluptuous yet potentially venomous", and he added that she "flirts" with guests before going on air.

O'Callaghan revealed her shock when the book was published. The mum-of-eight was also described as "Hannah Montana's ma".

McWilliams later apologised for his comments, and his publisher Gill and MacMillan has followed suit and withdrawn the comments.

A spokesperson said the new edition was "a straight reprint" except for some changes.