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Miriam celebrates winning best curves on TV title -- with a big slice of chocolate cake

Glamorous RTE star Miriam O'Callaghan says she is "flattered" to have been voted as having the best figure on TV.

The yummy mummy beat off competition from a number of high-profile beauties as the readers of Curve magazine voted her the top body.

Miriam (49), who is well known for playing down her good looks, told the Herald she was thrilled at winning the poll.

"I'm actually delighted," she said. "I don't mind this because it was voted for by the public and by real women.

"I think how you look should be irrelevant but this is nice because it's not like I claim to be a gym person or anything like that so I really appreciate it. Last night I made a chocolate biscuit cake with my kids and I nearly ate all of it myself and I haven't been to the gym for ten months because I honestly just don't have the time -- so I'm quite flattered."

The mum-of-eight insisted she doesn't have any special tips or tricks to maintaining her youthful appearance and slim figure.

But she said she believed it was important not to deprive herself of the good things in life. "My secret is lots of chocolate, good food and wine but don't over indulge. I like all of those things but I suppose I don't do anything to excess.

"I love my cake and dessert; it's probably my favourite dish on the menu." Miriam admitted that her hectic lifestyle as a working mum had a huge part to play in keeping her figure trim.

"I'm quite busy and I might eat on the run a lot. By the time I've fed the kids and I sit down for something to eat, my four-year-old wants to be read a story and I think that's just how it is for most mothers.


"A lot of women like you to be real and I want to be seen that way. I don't want the body I had before I had children. I've embraced the changes that came with each child," she said.

The Primetime presenter, who is currently in the midst of hosting her annual summer Saturday night chat show, said she had no plans to start grooming herself before going to the shops in a bid to keep up the idea that she looks glamorous.

"I don't look like a witch but when I'm at the shops I'm always dressed down in jeans and my husband's shirt.

"All of my dresses are from the high street even for my chat show. I think it's important to be accessible." She said she was enjoying the current season of Saturday Nights with Miriam.

"The ratings are still great, which is fantastic because I'm up against the World Cup so I think the women must be winning the remote control wars," she quipped.