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Miriam brimming with excitement over visit of 'dream guest' Obama

RTE's Miriam O'Callaghan has revealed how she's brimming over with excitement at the prospect of US President Barack Obama coming to Ireland.

Citing him as her dream guest on her popular show, the Prime Time presenter explained: "I think it's great that Barack is coming over. I hope Michelle comes with him, that would be quite exciting.

"I just think he's incredible and I think everyone does. It is a boost for us. And let's be frank, he's quite beautiful -- but I really like him because I think he's an inspiration. The fact that he happens to look like that, that's not so bad either.

"It's great Queen Elizabeth is coming too. It will certainly keep us busy in RTE, we'll have so many events to cover."

She recently got up close and personal with another hero of the White House for her RTE Radio 1 weekend show -- namely West Wing star Martin Sheen and his son Emilio Estevez.

Due to air shortly, she was particularly taken with the legendary actor, but did not ask about his son Charlie's well-documented meltdown.

"He was really nice but I interviewed him the day before Charlie went AWOL," she said.

"I found him very interesting and even if the whole Charlie Sheen thing had happened, I probably wouldn't (have asked him), because I've got kids and there was another child there, Emilio Estevez, so it was his moment to talk about his movie.

"But I really liked him, he was incredibly impressive and interesting.

Looking her usual glam self, the Prime Time presenter was speaking at the launch of the Back To Breakfast Week 2011 in Residence thisweek, which was advising about the health benefits of eating cereal.

Like the rest of the country, she spent the weekend celebrating Ireland's Six Nations victory over England -- and was in the Aviva Stadium to witness it first-hand.

"I don't always go to the rugby matches but I went with my husband and I've decided I brought him good luck! It was the only match I went to this year and they won. The atmosphere was absolutely brilliant, it was exciting from the beginning because I know nothing about rugby.

"I know there's an oval ball and I know it's interesting -- but I had a great time, I loved it."