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Miriam better beware ...Roz wants her job as Prime Time presenter

MIRIAM O'Callaghan should watch out -- it looks like Rozanna Purcell is eyeing up her presenting gig.

Model Roz (22) believes she has what it takes to front hard-hitting political chat shows such as Prime Time.

And while Roz is not the first model to try and break into TV, the Celebrity Bainisteoir mentor -- who recently coached her team in her bikini -- is probably one of the first to express an interest in current affairs.

But before Miriam, a longtime anchor on Prime Time, starts quaking in her boots and politicians get excited at the thought of one-on-one interviews, Roz has also revealed that her true calling is, yes you guessed it, entertainment and showbiz.

Roz is currently enrolled in The Gaiety School of Acting's TV Presenting course, and told The Diary that TV producer and teacher Bill Hughes believes she possesses the sombre tone necessary to handle current affairs and weighty social issues.

"I would never have thought I could host a show like Prime Time," the Tipperary native said. "But Bill says I have a 'quiet vulnerability' to my voice and you need that on those shows."

"He said that I seemed really concerned when I was reading the script and I was like 'that's because I was just scared of getting it wrong,'" Roz admitted.

The star went on to say that she found Bill's teaching technique at times a little daunting. "I think because he's been working in the industry for so long, and he can be so direct that at times it's a little intimidating."

But despite Bill's recommendations, Roz is still leaning towards the glitzy world of showbiz instead.

"My dream presenting job would be an entertainment show, the type of show like E! News that Giuliana Rancic presents."

The tall beauty thinks that if she really wants to make it big in the world of television, she needs to get out of Ireland. "I want to go to London or the States, I think you have to go there if you want to make it -- there just isn't enough work here."

If she does head overseas, she'll be following in the footsteps of fellow models Hannah Devane, Amanda Byram and Georgia Salpa.

Rumour has it that Roz is seeing Ireland's most eligible bachelor and Voice Of Ireland judge Bressie. The two were spotted getting close at trendy bar 37 Dawson Street. But the bubbly brunette is quick to deny rumours that they're an item.

"No, it's always the same; I'm not seeing anyone. I'm doing some more tests for another TV show at the moment and modelling. It's just too busy in my life."