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Mine's bigger than yours... Pat jokes with copycat biker Tubs

THEY say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Well if that's the case, Pat Kenny must be embarrassed by Ryan Tubridy's mimicking.

First Tubs went down the radio road, then took over from Pat on the Late Late Show and now he's bought himself a scooter.

But when Ryan arrived into RTE this week on two wheels, his 65-year-old colleague had a message:"Get a bigger bike."

For the past few years, Prime Time host Pat has been getting the better of traffic by travelling between his home in Killiney and RTE on a BMW C1, with a four stroke engine boasting 124cc.

However, he had company in the RTE car park this week from Tubridy on a 50cc Vespa.

"The first thing I told Ryan was that he needed a bigger bike. He's only got 50cc and that's just not enough to get you out of trouble. He needs more power and I'd be a bit worried for him, because Ryan is so slim, and on a 50cc, he will be all over the place in the wind," Pat Kenny told the Herald.

Pals say it was a recent viewing of 1952 film Roman Holiday, starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck buzzing around Rome on Vespas, which inspired Tubridy's choice of transport.

But once the Mediterranean conditions pass, he could soon be back in his car. Pat said: "Ryan would be very much a fair weather rider, only on his scooter on sunny days like we have now. For me, the worse the weather, the more I like being on my bike. For me, it's the very best way to travel, I could easily take the car but I love my bike."

However, Pat claims that when it comes to handling motorbikes, they have nothing on the original Late Late host, Gay Byrne.

On his last ever Late Late show in 1999, the broadcaster was presented with a Harley- Davidson by U2 members Bono and Larry Mullen. Gay later auctioned the bike for charity before becoming the proud owner of a Honda Deauville.