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Minaj continues the trend as she celebrates gig with Nandos order

DIVA Nicki Minaj (29) followed in the footsteps of fellow chart-topper Jennifer Lopez this week as she tucked into some Nandos straight after her sell-out gig in the O2 Dublin.

The Pink Friday star obviously worked up quite an appetite during her Irish performance, hitting all the right notes with her Dublin fans.

Obviously not one to snub her grub, the platinum-wig wearing star ordered a truckload of the fast food from its Mary's Street venue, asking for it to be delivered to her after her gig.

And here's hoping she came over here with a sizeable entourage, given the amount of food she ordered. She requested (deep breath), 13 quarter chickens, five portions of fries, two portions of coleslaw and four garlic breads.

Before leaving these shores, she also Tweeted how Dublin was her "favourite place in the whole wide world."