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Michelle in a spin as the loved-up DJ set for new adventures in London

DJ Michelle Doherty will be spinning herself a new life in 2013 after deciding to relocate to London.

The former Phantom presenter turned actress has decided to join the ranks of Irish emigrants who are heading further afield for fresh opportunities.

And the gorgeous Donegal native (35) explained how meeting a new man also helped her make up her mind about heading off for new adventures.

While preferring to keep her cards close to her chest about his identity, she confirmed that she's happily dating a new London-based guy and things are going "very well".

She had previously lamented how her unsociable hours working with Phantom had made it harder to meet guys -- but it seems her love life is now flourishing.

However, the budding actress insists that he's not the main reason for her deciding to leave Dublin

"I am going out with someone but that's not the reason that I'm going over to London. I had made the decision to move over anyway so it's just the way it worked out.

"He's a dote, he's a really good guy so we'll see what happens," she explained. "I've been in Dublin for 15 years now so I figure it's time to move on so it's kind of daunting, the thought of going over, but life's too short for regrets so I'm going to give it a go. What's the worst that can happen?"

Last August saw the brunette beauty, who once dated Eddie Irvine, taking the brave step of leaving Phantom FM in favour of concentrating on acting.

And she recently finished filming on her first movie, The Hit Producer, in which she had the starring role.


An independent crime thriller, it sees her ditching her sweet image to play the part of an assassin named Katelin, a struggling movie producer who turns to murder.

Describing her as a "bit of a bad-ass", she admitted that doing all her own stunts for the movie has taken its roll on her diminutive frame.

"I've been battered and bruised and killed loads of people and it's just been mental," she continued.

"When I tried to get out of bed this morning, I could barely walk as my legs were so stiff. I'm absolutely covered in cruises but to honest, I'm a bit of a tomboy anyway so I've loved every minute of it. I've just got stuck into the role.

"There's a guy who comes in and shows me what action moves to do and then I just copy him and, thank God, it looks alright. It's all been coming a little too easily to me to be honest!"