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Messy Jedward told to clean up their act in BB house spat

Bubbly twins Jedward are beginning to grate on their Celebrity Big Brother housemates for failing to pull their weight.

Fellow contestant Darren Lyons launched a rant about the Irish duo in which he blasted them for leaving the house in a mess and claimed they had "the attention span of a mosquito bite".

Picture agency boss Lyons complained Jedward were winding people up by failing to clean up after themselves during the fifth day of the Channel 5 show.

He dismissed the pair by referring to them as "Bitsy and Bobsy" and also criticised film star Tara Reid, another housemate, for trying to top up her tan rather than pulling together.

He said he had appealed to the brothers to tidy the kitchen to allow him to cook -- but he was ignored.

Lyons said: "I asked a favour to the boys, there was cucumber all over the place, I said 'please just clean it up'.

"We're going to have to get tougher on them. They promised, and they just f*** off. They have the attention spans of a mosquito bite."


Gathered with him in the garden, housemates Amy Childs and Sally Bercow backed the idea of a cleaning rota.

"It's not worth all of us living in a pig sty," said Lyons. "If we all did it together, it would take us just 20 minutes every day. Then you can keep your eyes on Bitsy and Bobsy, Porky and Pinny, or whatever their names are."

Over the weekend contestants on the show -- which also includes Kerry Katona and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty -- were visited by former Harrods boss Mohamed al Fayed for a task.

The audience for last night's edition of the show was down to 2.2m, after opening on an average audience of 5.1m for the debut show on Thursday.