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Men are out for Sharon in her quest for big time

FORMER Wonderland singer Sharon Condon is putting her love life on hold to launch herself as a solo artist.

Speaking to the Diary, Sharon -- sporting a new blonde look (right) -- opened up about her seven-year relationship with musician Derek 'Doc' O'Connor.

Sharon (25) admits that her relationship with the Late Late Show house band musician became strained when she started out with the ill-fated band Wonderland and says she has to give up on love if she wants to succeed in the music industry.

"I am single at the moment. Love isn't easy and it's definitely difficult to have a relationship in this industry.

"I was in a seven-year relationship but we broke up just before the first Wonderland album was released. It was really hard because we basically spent three years apart after I joined the band.

"I moved to London with the other girls and he wasn't allowed stay over in the apartment so it made things harder. I was always crying when we were apart, wanting to spend time with him. I was madly in love with him and when we broke up it was devastating.


"But he was a distraction for me in the band, and I can see that now. I wanted to spend so much time with him that it made me question the career I was in," she explained.

After her heartbreaking experience, Sharon says she now wants to focus on building up her career as a solo artist. She has been spending every waking hour writing new music and laying down tracks for her new album. And she says she wouldn't dream of bringing a man into her hectic life right now, saying it would be unfair to start a relationship when she can't make time for romance.

"Now I know that you have to make sacrifices and be dedicated if you want to make it as a singer. I will never bring anyone into this life I'm living now, it might sound selfish but I really do want to succeed in the business. It would be unfair to bring a man into this.

"Right now I'm in my own little bubble and I want to live my dream. I'm gigging in Dublin and London in December and after that I will be focusing on getting a record deal and working really hard."