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Meet the family... Una plans a trip home with baby Aoife

UNA Healy is set to bring her new bundle of joy Aoife Belle home to Ireland next month.

The Saturdays star's uncle Declan Nerney has revealed that her family here can't wait to met the new arrival.

Aoife Belle Foden was born in England on March 13 but will make her first visit to Ireland in the coming weeks.

"I believe in the next month Una, Ben and the baby will be coming across to Ireland and we'll all be very much looking forward to seeing her for the first time," revealed Declan.

The singer, who is a brother of Una's mother, enjoys a close relationship with Una.

He told the Herald that mother and baby are doing "really well".

"They're all over the moon," he explained.

Declan is unsure when Una will return to her pop star duties, but he knows that her mother Anne will be there to give her all the help she needs.

"I don't know when she will be going back to the Saturdays but it won't be very long. I'd say she'll just be talking a couple of months off. It'll probably take a little bit of time to adjust to motherhood first. Her own mother will be a great support to her.

"She's over there with her at the moment and they're very close anyway. They speak to each other all of the time and she's always over and back."

Una and her England rugby player beau Ben Foden are also looking forward to finalising their Irish marriage plans in the next few months.

"They're really thrilled about the marriage coming up and they're looking forward to building their lives together. It's all systems go," he said. "I'd say that she'd like to get married in Tipperary."

The couple have been engaged since September following a three year romance.

"I met Ben last year and he's a very nice down to earth young chap. Career wise he's doing really well and he's working very hard at it," said Declan.