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Meet the cool new guy in Virginia's life

SHE only gave birth six weeks ago -- but new mum Virginia Macari says she wants to do it all over again.

Besotted Virginia (36) said she can't wait to give her baby son Thor a sibling and plans to do so before she turns 40.

Speaking to VIP magazine from the comfort of her Dublin city penthouse, the glowing socialite said: "I have to say I'm dying to have another one.

"We'll wait a year I'd say, but I'd love to have a brother or sister for Thor and I'd love to do it quickly. And then I can be all skinny and fit in my 40s."

Virginia, who is in a long-term relationship with Thor's father Kaste, said her baby boy came along at the right time in her life.

"I have always wanted a family and I'm 36 now and I feel that it has happened at the right time in my life.

"I love being a mum, and I want to nurture him and mind him forever. My partner Kaste and myself just keep saying to each other, 'oh my God, we have a son!'

"I always knew I would be a good mum, but it scared me a bit because of the responsibility, and also because I was enjoying my life, travelling and working.

The new mum admits she's slept little since having Thor as she checks on him regularly during the night -- but she says she is also getting used to the upheaval in her life.

"I am just getting to grips with Thor's times so when he sleeps it's a race against time to shower, get dressed, clean the house," she says.

Busy mum Virginia is now preparing to launch her new fashion line.

"I'm launching the label at the Miss Ireland Contest and all the Miss Irelands are going to be coming out on stage wearing my pieces of swimwear," she said, before adding she will be creating a denim line in the near future.

"Fashion is in my blood -- and I'm a designer and that's what I want to go back to do. TV work is not my big ambition."

Virginia will be seen on TV3's Dublin Housewives which will feature little Thor and her growing business.

For now she is working on her son's christening --which is due to take place in Carton House next month.

Despite Thor being just six weeks old, Virginia joked that she'll never share him with another woman.

"I will be the mother-in-hell from hell because no woman will ever be good enough for my son," she laughed.

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