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Meet Teacher Tia - a hit on the catwalk

THIS is the Dublin schoolteacher hoping to make a splash like Pamela Anderson.

Posing in a swimsuit similar to Pammie's iconic Baywatch outfit (inset) that shows off her size 14 curves, Tia Duffy (24) now has the international modelling world set firmly in her sights.

Brunette Tia, who is from Finglas, has been signed to international agency D&A Model Management, based in South Africa.

Last year, she was snapped up by Irish agency Assets after entering a competition to become the face of online plus-size clothing website Simply Be.

The newly-qualified teacher has no intention of losing her hourglass curves, saying the world of plus-size modelling is the one she wants to conquer.

And with her students in mind, the Dublin woman says she has no intentions of posing topless.

"I would never go topless. I see myself as a teacher and a role model and I'd like to keep my look as classy as possible. You could offer me all the money in the world and I'd never take my top off," Tia told the Herald.

With images of her in a red swimsuit, we can see comparisons with Pammy Anderson in Baywatch.

"I might be compared to Pamela. I want people to be able to see my curves in my pictures.

"There's no point in being a plus size model if you're going to try and look skinny in your photos. I'm lucky that I have a small waist and that stays the same no matter what."

Being signed for an agency such as D&A means Tia will get the chance to work all over the world and is planning a trip to South Africa in October. "I'll go over for a minimum of two months. I don't plan on moving over but I'll be looking forward to dipping my feet into the modelling world over there."

Tia has never been to South Africa but looks forward to what working abroad will entail. "It will be amazing to get to travel and work at the same time," she said. "I am fairly new to the scene but it all came about after I did the Simply Be competition. I'm the new face of the Simply Be website, which is out soon. I was really shocked to get that job because it was a really big one to get so soon."


Tia has been busy since she got news of her international signing but she is aware that modelling isn't always an easy job.

"It went from being part-time to every day but I know that can change. Modelling can be very hit and miss."

Talented Tia is also a pupil of the Gaiety School of Acting and has been scooping small parts in various films and TV shows.

"Lenny Abrahamsom's What Richard Did is due out next year and I've had parts in RTE online's Storylands. I have been doing something with the BBC as well.

"I'm not allowed to speak about it yet -- but you'll be seeing me on screen."