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Meet Lorraine 'Mrs Doyle' Keane


Mrs Doyle actress Pauline McLynn. Photo: PA

Mrs Doyle actress Pauline McLynn. Photo: PA

Mrs Doyle actress Pauline McLynn. Photo: PA

STEP forward our own, sandwich-wielding Mrs Doyle.

Glamorous mum-of-two Lorraine Keane admits she is better known for her sandwich making skills than her presenting skills – among her family that is.

Lorraine (41) who is the second eldest of seven children, says at a young age her sandwich obsession saw her take on the role of lunch maker for her siblings.

Years later, Lorraine's family still compare her to the eccentric housekeeper from hit Irish comedy Father Ted.

"My family call me Mrs Doyle, its hilarious," the ex TV3 girl told the Herald.

"Because I'm the second eldest I was always put on lunch box duty – it's a lot of lunches to make the night before."

But it was a far cry from throwing a simple cheese and ham sambo together for Lorraine, who says she was experimenting long before the posh sandwich came to Dublin.

"I remember even doing soft melted cheese with grape for my sisters because even at that stage I knew that it was important for them to have protein and fruit."

The ex-AA Roadwatch worker was on hand to help chef Andrew Rudd launch Brennans Bread Summer Recipes in Dublin yesterday, which are available on www.brennansbread.ie.

Slender Lorraine says she swears by Brennans wholewheat brown bread to help maintain her trim figure and daughters, Emelia (9) and Romy (6) are also fans.

The petite brunette is looking forward to jetting off for her annual trip to France this summer with her daughters and music producer husband Peter Devlin.

But far from sampling croissants, Lorraine says she is a traditional Irish mammy when it comes to packing food for the trip.

"When I go to France for holidays in the summer I bring brown bread, Tayto crisps and Lyons tea bags. They don't do nice brown bread in France."