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Maxi thanks the fans who helped her fight sickness

RTE broadcaster Maxi has revealed the toll a recent summer bug took on her health.

The 59-year-old radio presenter -- who has been away from her Early Rising slot for several weeks after being struck down -- admitted that it was with great relief that she returned to the studio for the first time yesterday morning.

The former Eurovision contestant, who has rarely missed a broadcast of her 5.30am programme, told her listeners she had no choice but to give in to her body and take the time to recuperate fully.

In an emotional message to listeners, Maxi thanked fans for their continued support.

"You are the ointment my wounded heart needed and it's good to be back," she said on air yesterday. "I'm sure you've all come across a time in your life's journey when you plan a day, a week or a month in advance, taking for granted that you will have the good health to fulfil your dreams and then illness strikes and all your plans are binned and your focus goes on just getting well.


"You realise that your body is speaking to you loudly and you must listen to it and eventually change whatever you can change to start the healing process.

"Nature is perfect but slow and if you give her the chance to do her work and the nutrition to nourish and the rhythm of security, she will come through."