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Mary's shock as her love life is singled out for attention

RTE star Mary Kennedy says she's shocked that a throwaway comment she made about being ready to find love again has propelled her into the headlines.

The glamorous broadcaster, who says she made the remark about her love-life "in passing," while being interviewed for a magazine, told the Herald she was stunned to think people would be interested in her romantic affairs.

The mum-of-four (53) split from her former husband Ronan Foster more than 13 years ago and has not been linked to anyone since then.

"I just made that comment in passing during an interview," she explained. "I certainly didn't expect anyone to take any notice of it. I'm very surprised that anyone would be interested in it to be honest. These things are always taken out of context. I'm very happy as I am for the moment," she told the Herald.

The media coverage came about after the Nationwide co-anchor revealed that she would keep an open mind when asked if she would like to have another serious relationship.

"It's not something I'm conscious of but yes. I suppose I'm at the stage where the children are now adults, so you have to think in a different direction," she said.

The Montrose star, who is mum to Eoin, Tom, Lucy and Eva will this week go head to head with some of the best known ladies in showbiz circles as she vies for the title of most stylish woman at this year's Peter Marks, VIP Style Awards set to take place on Friday night at the Shelbourne hotel.

The glamorous TV personality, has previously taken the winning title and says that as a result the pressure will be off her when it comes to Friday night's festivities.

According to Mary: "I'm nominated alright but I'll just be going along for the fun. I don't take these things too seriously. I've won it before so that takes all the stress off for me. Although back then it was a completely different affair, we had a lunch ceremony and the awards were handed out. There wasn't half the glam and style you get now," she added.

The presenter was speaking last night at a celebration of legendary singer Paul Brady's lengthy time in the music business, as well as the launch of his new album, Hooba Dooba.

The star-studded event took place at Harry Crosbie's new venue, the Grand Canal Theatre, where guests were treated to an intimate performance of some of his new material.