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Mary breathes a sigh of relief as new season Love/Hate scripts arrive

WHILE many of us spent our weekend out on the town, actress Mary Murray was busy getting to grips with a very welcome arrival – the Love/Hate scripts.

The Dubliner, who stars as brothel owner Janet in the smash-hit crime drama, said she was relieved to finally receive the top-secret storylines so she can start rehearsing her lines.

After weeks of anticipation and insisting that they were in the dark, the cast of the IFTA-winning show have received scripts for the early episodes of the fifth season.

The 34-year-old admitted that she was beginning to get nervous after weeks of hearing nothing from show producers.

Ballyfermot native Mary told the Diary that she was surprised, but "really happy", with what she read.


While some of the show's biggest names are set to meet their maker in the final season of the drama, Nidge's mistress Janet will live to see another day – for the first three episodes of the gritty drama, anyway.

"I am always surprised by what I read for Love/Hate," laughed the chatty actress.

"But as always, they are so well written and I am in the first three episodes anyway.

"I got them over a period of a few days so I sat down and just read through them altogether one day so I could get a really good idea in my head."

Mary, who has been nominated for a best actress IFTA for her role as Janet, admitted that she was slightly concerned that she had yet to receive her lines, just weeks before filming is due to start on season five of the show.

"I had been wondering about them because as an actor you do want to start preparing as early as you can so you can be at your best," she said.

"But I'm looking forward to getting together with the cast in a few weeks and sitting down for a read through."

Mary was not the only one waiting to learn her fate, with Monaghan actress Aoibhinn McGinnity, aka gangster's moll Trish, confirming that she had heard "nothing" from show producers until last week.

"They are being so secretive this year, more than usual," the 28-year-old star said.

It is an exciting time for Mary, who also learned that she has been nominated for an IFTA for her role as Janet, who enjoyed a steamy affair with gang leader Nidge last season.


Mary who said she was not expecting the nomination, decided to play a trick on her parents and not tell them about her good news.

"My dad for some reason happened to be looking at Facebook that day, which is unusual for him, and he seen all the messages so they were over the moon for me," Mary told the Diary.

The actress, who is currently starring in Dublin play Chancers, is looking forward to a cast night out on April 5 after the Stuart Carolan created show received eight IFTA nominations.

"I will be attending with my boyfriend Derek so I can't wait for it now," added the actress.