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Maia's finally moving in with comic hubby Johnny


Maia Dunphy and Johnny Vegas. Photo: Getty

Maia Dunphy and Johnny Vegas. Photo: Getty

Maia Dunphy and Johnny Vegas. Photo: Getty

RTE STAR Maia Dunphy is finally taking the plunge – and moving in with her husband Johnny Vegas.

Although the documentary-maker married the 42-year-old funnyman three years ago, they have had a long-distance relationship.

But the Herald can reveal that Maia and her actor spouse have now decided to share a home in London.

"I'm going to move, it's been a long time coming," said Maia (37). "Our honeymoon was the longest time we've ever spent together. I'm terrified, to be honest!


"But seriously, it will be fine – we're not going to suddenly stop working and spend all our time together.

"Johnny's got a son (Michael), so I'll be spending more time with him."

The couple, who met on the Podge and Rodge show five years ago, married during an intimate ceremony in Maia's mother's home city of Seville in 2011.

Yet due to their busy schedules, they have been dividing their time between Dublin and London – but Maia said that will all change when she moves.

"My decision was mainly to do with the relationship because we were like, 'We can't live like this forever' and then things came up here for me.

"But it's only an hour – it takes longer to go from here to Bray so from the autumn, I'll be spending a lot more time there," she continued.