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Maia hits back at cruel tweets about Johnny 'punching above his weight'

THE third wedding anniversary celebrations of Maia Dunphy and Johnny Vegas have been targeted by Twitter trolls.

The RTE presenter has told how "offensive" she found the comments about how he was "punching above his weight" when it came to his wife.

The couple, who were wed in an intimate ceremony in Maia's mother's home town of Seville, posted some romantic pictures of their big day on their Twitter accounts.

"Three years ago, this happened," she said, with a photo of them embracing each other in a church. Echoing her comments, her funny-man husband (42) accompanied his picture of Maia in her gorgeous silk wedding dress with: "Isn't she lovely, made of love xxx. Happy anniversary."

However, Maia (37) was taken aback after receiving some nasty comments about their relationship.

She told the Herald: "There were a good few tweets and it's not the first time. I think people feel it's some sort of back-handed compliment. But it's as offensive to me as it is to him."

She also retorted publicly, saying: "By the way, telling my husband he's punching above his weight is a massive insult to both of us! That is all."

The pair have been successfully juggling a long-distance relationship since they first hooked up.

Maia recently revealed how she is going to finally move over to London this autumn and share a pad with her husband as they take the next step in their relationship.