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Maia ditches the glamour for a camping holiday

SHE is set to jet off to the Playground of the Rich to Dubai for the Masterchef finals. But TV star Maia Dunphy says her holidays plans are a bit more low key.

Maia will be jumping into the back of a battered mobile home and traipsing around France with her husband Johnny Vegas, his son and nephew.

And Maia says this will be a holiday devoid of five-star treatment, finery and frills.

"I shall be cooking for three boys on a mobile home stove so it will be interesting. There will be no Masterchef cooking there," she laughed.

Camping around France is becoming something of a annual tradition for the Vegas/ Dunphy clan.

"We did it last year and they are gorgeous boys so it should be great fun," said Maia. "Married life is great, Johnny's brilliant. He's just finished writing an autobiography so he's been focused on that."

But surprisingly Maia won't feature in one page of it.

"It's about his background, growing up in a Northern England town and making it in the comedy world. I won't be in it."