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Madonna warned by council after noisy staff party

Madonna has received an official warning from council officers after staff at her London home upset neighbours by staging a noisy party.

Nearby residents complained as loud music and singing ruined what should have been a peaceful Sunday afternoon near the Queen of Pop's Marylebone property.

But it would appear that Madonna was not to blame. While employees of the Material Girl were getting into the groove in London, the singer herself was out of the country.

As the property's listed owner, Madonna was nonetheless issued with a noise abatement order. The 51-year-old singer was warned that any further offence could land her with a £5,000 fine.

Westminster City Council were called shortly before 2pm on June 27 following a complaint.

Arriving around 30 minutes later, officials deemed the singing and music coming from inside the house to be so loud that it constituted "statutory nuisance".

Noise officers managed to contact the partygoers via the entryphone, at which point it was discovered that the property's owner, Madonna, was not present.

A noise abatement notice was served on the revellers by posting it through the letterbox, after which the music stopped.

A further notice addressed to the owner was handed to staff in person the following day.

Westminster City Council said the case is unlikely to go to court, but warned that any further offences could see Madonna summoned to appear before magistrates.

Councillor Ed Argar, cabinet member for city management, said: "We take the issue of noise pollution very seriously and treat every case alike and fairly, regardless of who owns the property concerned.

"Although we live in a busy city, we all have the right to live in a degree of peace in our homes and enjoy our precious free time.

"If people want to hold a party, regardless of the time of day or night, they need to show some common courtesy to their neighbours, who should not have to pay the price for others' selfish behaviour."

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