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Madeline isn't fazed by Jack's throng of female admirers


Madeline Mulqueen and actor boyfriend Jack Reynor. Photo: Kyran O'Brien

Madeline Mulqueen and actor boyfriend Jack Reynor. Photo: Kyran O'Brien

Madeline Mulqueen and actor boyfriend Jack Reynor. Photo: Kyran O'Brien

Life isn't easy when you're other half is a Hollywood heartthrob.

Sure you get to attend all those glitzy A-list parties but you also have to deal with hordes of swooning ladies fawning over your man.

It's something Jack Reynor's other half, model Madeline Mulqueen, knows all about.

"There is nothing I can do about it," she told the Diary. "You can't stop girls wanting him or wanting attention.

"But I'm not too concerned, we know that we're happy together and that's the way it is. Maybe we'll get a bodyguard in case," she joked.

Limerick native Madeline and Transformers star Jack returned from the States this month after a whirlwind trip around America and Hong Kong.


Jack has a leading role in Michael Bay's upcoming flick and while he spent his time dodging bullets, running away from exploding cars and hanging out with Mark Wahlberg, Madeline took things easy.

"I wasn't modelling when I was over there," she said. "To be honest it was great to take a break from everything and take it all in. I was there supporting Jack. I was his muse," she laughs.

When she wasn't igniting Jack's creativity, she took time to explore .

"I'd never been travelling before. It was my first time in the States. To have that freedom to be able to go around and explore was amazing. I've come home feeling a lot richer because of it."

Jack and Madeline have been dating for almost a year: they stepped out together at this year's IFTA Awards after flirting over twitter.


When Jack jetted off to LA weeks later, Madeline followed suit. "We had a house in LA," she said. "It was good that we were together and experiencing it together.

"You don't feel as alone over there if you're with someone from back home. LA is a huge place so it's nice having someone there. When Jack had time off we were having adventures – it was fun."

With Jack's star continuing to rise, a trip back to the Hollywood Hills seems inevitable.

And Madeline says she would love to try and make it in the USA.

"I would like to work in LA. It was good going over and experiencing it; I feel like it's opened my eyes a bit more. I feel a lot more comfortable about making the move but I would have to take a while and think about what I wanted to do over there.

"LA is so vast you really need to focus on what you want to do."