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Lucy's Late Lunch is an early success – TV3 boss

NEW TV3 It-girl Lucy Kennedy has received the stamp of approval from station boss Jeff Ford who has vowed to give her more work at the Ballymount broadcaster.

But Lucy is not the only one who is enjoying the favour of the head of content with her Late Lunch Live co-host Martin King also revealing that he will be expanding his relations with TV3 beyond the new afternoon show.

King told the Diary to watch this space after confirming that he is in talks to take up more work at TV3, although this won't affect his daily afternoon programme and his stints as the weather man.


"They are really happy with how Lucy is going and there are plenty of exciting things coming up for us both at TV3," said King.

"It is definitely a case of a long-term investment.

"But I still enjoy being able to divide my time between Late Lunch and the weather, I think I will always be seen as the TV3 weather man," he added.

TV3's new afternoon show has been up and running since last September and they are hanging in there despite far from positive viewer ratings.

"I am never happy with ratings and it is always my goal to keep pushing and make things better so I think we are going in the right direction," said King.

The presenter enjoyed hanging out with his kids when they attended the premiere of Scarlett Johansson's new flick Captain America on a wet Monday in the capital.

Model Gail Kaneswaran was among the guests who also turned out to see the film.