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Lucy's ballgown up for grabs, but wedding dress is for Holly


Lucy Kennedy and Richard Governey

Lucy Kennedy and Richard Governey

Lucy Kennedy and Richard Governey

LIKE mother like daughter... Broadcaster Lucy Kennedy wants her daughter Holly to don her wedding dress on her first Holy Communion.

"I would never sell my wedding dress," she told the Herald. "It means so much and I always thought it would be nice if Holly wore it for her Communion.

"Obviously, it would have to be reworked," the 37-year-old laughed. "I think it's lovely to recycle and reuse clothes, and that she would have an emotional and special connection to the dress. It's got that hand-me-down thing, but making something new and unique."

Lucy married partner Richard Governey in 2008.

"My wedding dress was quite traditional. It's cream chiffon," she said. "We got married in Santa Maria in Italy, so I needed something a little flowy and cool. It was 36 degrees, so I didn't want to be roasting hot.

"It's quite a simple dress, but I think taking a garment and reworking it into something new is a lovely idea."

And if Holly decides to go for a different guna on her Communion Day, Lucy says she'll keep the chiffon dress on hold for Holly.



"She could wear it on her wedding day and it would be something old and borrowed," Lucy said.

While her wedding dress may be off-limits, Lucy has donated some threads to Special K's Buy My Dress 2013 event, which will take place in the RDS Dublin on May 26.

"I gave a Coast dress to the cause," she said. "It's a purple ball gown-style dress – chiffon again! It's such a great cause and it's nice knowing a dress is getting to be worn again."

Lucy joins a host of other celebrities, including Sile and Grainne Seoige, Amy Huberman and Yvonne Keating – who have all donated dresses. Grainne has donated the dress she wore to the 2009 VIP Style Awards, while sister Sile donated a shimmering silver dress she wore to the Irish Franchise Awards in 2011.

"There are a whole rake of women giving dresses. It's nice because, so often, you wear something to an event and then it just stays in the wardrobe, so this is a way to give it another lease of life," Lucy said.