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Lucy plans to be back on TV eight weeks after birth

PREGNANT presenter Lucy Kennedy will return to our TV screens just two months after giving birth.

The 34-year-old, who is five months pregnant with her second child, will make her telly comeback within eight weeks of the birth, the Herald can reveal.

Lucy, who hails from Sandycove, will join fellow TV mums Colette Fitzpatrick, Anna Daly and Lorraine Keane, who all got back in front of the cameras soon after giving birth.

The chatty host is giving herself two months to get back in shape for her new reality series, set to film in June.

"I'm so excited, I miss TV at times and this show is right up my street," Lucy told the Herald.

"There is more pressure when you're doing TV, in radio it doesn't matter but for television you want to look your best."

Although she can't divulge any details yet, the expectant mum, who currently co-presents her weekend show on 2fm with Baz Ashmawy, will take up regular exercise to prepare.


"I'm taking up yoga a couple of times a week and I'll be walking a lot, but I'm not going to put myself under too much pressure, it'll be gentle.

"The thought of the gym makes me tired so I'm certainly not a workout freak -- the odd salad and power strolls along the pier will keep me active.

"I'll be disguising any unflattering areas with big knickers," she laughed.

The broadcaster, who formerly hosted Living With Lucy, admits she indulged in a lot "TV and takeaways" before the birth of her son Jack in 2009 but plans be healthy this time.

"The second time around you learn to step away from the fridge, I feel fantastic now," said the Dubliner, who is married to Richard Governey.

"We're so delighted and can't wait for Jack to have a little brother or sister."