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Lucy finally welcomes little Holly into world 8 days late

RTE star Lucy Kennedy's baby has finally arrived -- eight days late.

Radio presenter Lucy (35), who fronts a weekend show with Baz Ashmawy, gave birth last night to baby Holly.

The presenter welcomed her first daughter at the Coombe hospital.

Lucy told the Herald that she and her hubbie Richie Governey were head over heels in love with their bundle of joy.

"Finally, baby Holly has arrived -- 8.5lb with dark hair," she said.

"We're totally in love with her already."

Frustrated Lucy had been keeping fans updated about her progress and she was desperately appealing for tips on how to bring on a labour.

Obviously still in good spirits despite the no-show, the Living With Lucy star added how it's "about time this baby started paying rent".

She even joked that her baby had been claiming "squatter rights".

And then late last night she wrote about her relief that "the squatter has been evicted!"

Lucy said she was anticipating an extended pregnancy, given that her first son Jack was also eight days late.

Former Clinic actress Leigh Arnold is in a similar situation as her first child is due this week. The actress said she hasn't been showing any pre-labour signs either.

She has her bags packed and is waiting to head to hospital in her new home in Manchester, where she now lives with her fiance Steve Davies.

"There's no sign yet, but I don't think I'll be too much longer," she explained.

"It's a very exciting time at the moment. I can't believe I'm going to meet my baby very soon."

She also joked how she now feels like the "fat controller in Thomas The Tank Engine -- roly poly!"


The southside socialite has previously spoken about her plans to have an alternative hypno-birthing experience for her first child.

She had been attending classes in the practice with hypno-therapist Katie Jane Goldin after considering all her options.

"Every birth is a personal choice for the woman and for me, a hypno-birth feels like the right option," she said.