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Lovely Leigh's bad car day

Leigh Arnold is no stranger to the attention of the paparazzi, but the former Clinic star was clearly caught off guard last night.

The Foxrock beauty (31) may be one of the best known faces in the country, but as these pictures show, even stars can have an 'off day'.

As Leigh was spotted getting out of her chauffeured Land Rover, she gave a lesson in how not to get out of a car.

Although the actress shunned the Paris Hilton route and managed to avoid flashing onlookers, her quirky outfit certainly caught some attention.

Holding her coiffed hair to prevent the wind from messing it up, she did her best to maintain a cool head when she was unexpectedly greeted by photographers.


And while it may be difficult to look classy getting out of a car wearing any kind of dress with a camera lens in your face -- Leigh clearly did her best to gather her composure.

Although her outfit might have been a case of when bad fashion happens to good people - the Celebrity Salon contestant still worked it for the camera.

The starlet had no problem posing for photographers in the parking lot afterwards, ditching the gold sequinned jacket and oversized sequinned clutch for the shots. Pairing the jacket with a 40s style cream flapper dress and summer wedges, her outfit managed to fuse three different eras together in one.

And while her make-up was flawless -- wearing red lipstick to contrast with her porcelain skin -- her attempt to revive the disco era raised eyebrows.


The star may have come under fire for her recent style choices, but her acting talent can never be questioned.

Having trained in New York's prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Leigh recently made the transition to reality television on TV3's Celebrity Salon, where in the last episode, she ironically learned about style.

But Leigh has undergone something of an image overhaul since RTE drama The Clinic was scrapped last year.

In recent months she has given some summer highlights to her chocolate brown locks and she appears to be distancing herself from her character Dr Clodagh Delaney as much as possible as she sinks her teeth into a number of other roles.

The brunette beauty made headlines recently when her spat with socialite Virginia Macari became public knowledge as the two exchanged words on air last month over a indie movie role.