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Lovely Holly scares off the 'normal' men

SINGLE beauty queen Holly Carpenter says men are too intimidated to ask her out since she was crowned Miss Ireland.

The Dublin model told the Diary that ever since winning the coveted title, she has had lots of male attention on social networking sites.

"I've got a lot of attention from guys online, but it hasn't really been from sane people. I've had guys emailing me and they are in their profile picture with their wife, it's creepy," she said.

"The people that I would never go for have got the balls to contact me then normal people don't. I feel like the nice guys are too intimidated to talk to me."

But the NCAD student admitted that she isn't in any hurry to get into a relationship any time soon.

After splitting from her first big love in January, Holly (19) says she is happy to be single at the moment.

Meanwhile, she has been busy preparing for the Miss World contest, taking place in London next month. Holly has been sticking to an intense workout regime as well as dieting.

And she says although she's loving the results, she is missing her carbs.

"I am really missing bread, I love toast and sandwiches but I've had to cut out all carbs. My personal trainer is absolutely kicking my ass right now."

And although Holly has also cut out all alcohol since winning Miss Ireland back in August, she will get to enjoy some champagne at her birthday party in the Wright Venue this weekend.