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Love will come when time is right, says single Nadia

TV STAR Nadia Forde may have been working the singles scene for the past year, but the singer and model has said she "still hasn't given up on love".

The former girlfriend of rugby star Luke Fitzgerald said she often leaves herself too vulnerable when it comes to relationships.

"I fall in love at the drop of a hat. I'm just a big softie and I do want the fairytale," she told the Herald.

"I've been on a few dates in LA, but nothing significant. But it will happen when the time is right."

Her new TV show, Nadia Goes to Hollywood, debuts on 3e tonight and shows her navigating the cut-throat world of Los Angeles as she chases her dream of becoming a pop star.

Viewers will also be introduced to her hilarious agent, Rocket Man, who meets with mixed results when he tries to push her on to the LA dating scene.

He even advises her to date a star "who is bigger than her and who is hopefully just out of rehab or, even better, just out of jail".

But Nadia (24) insisted she took everything he said "with a pinch of salt".

"I'm just too busy right now for a boyfriend," she said. "When it's right, I think it will happen, but I haven't met anyone special yet.


"People in LA are encouraging and creative. They don't look at you like you're mad that you want to write a song."

Nadia also reckons that now is the time to concentrate 100pc on her career.

"I've been moving around so much with my singing, and this new album has been my focus. I don't want to look back on this time and think that a man got in the way," she said.

Nadia recently opened up about her difficult childhood, having been brought up by her grandmother. She told how she has "no relationship" with either of her parents, which helped inspire her to write one of her singles, Haunted.

Her other A-side track, BPM, was inspired by Voice of Ireland hunk Bressie after he made a throw-away remark on Twitter.

"He was ranting about how every song in the charts has dance, body, hot, all these typical lyrics, so I decided to write a song with every one of those words," she said.

"So that's basically how BPM came around. It was a funny session."