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Louise joins campaign to halt suicides

Top model Louise Kavanagh has revealed that she wants to be a role model for desperate young people at risk of suicide who think they have nothing to live for.

She said teenagers and 20-somethings needed to talk to family, friends or even a doctor to find a positive solution to problems in their lives.

"Too many young people are taking their lives in this country. It is so heartbreaking," said the 23-year-old, as she launched Console charity's National Snowdrop month.

"I want to be a role model for young people and show them that there is so much to live for. I believe no matter how big a problem may seem, there is always help out there."

Console was established by grieving families to help the thousands of people whose lives are torn apart by suicide.

The snowdrop pins -- which are a symbol of hope -- will be sold throughout the month of April for f3 to raise funds to develop counselling, support and helpline services for those bereaved by suicide.

There are approximately 500 deaths by suicide in Ireland each year. Paul Kelly, of Console, said with an estimated six individuals personally affected by each death, there are very few people who have not been touched by the tragedy of suicide.

"By simply purchasing the snowdrop pin, each individual plays a vital role in alleviating the agony of their fellow citizens," he said.