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Louis took Boyzone to visit dad in hospital

Louis Walsh's mother has revealed that the pop mogul was so desperate to show his father he chose the right career path that he even brought Boyzone to visit him when he was in hospital.

Mother-of-11 Maureen explained that her husband Frank, who tragically died several years ago, was reluctant to accept music management as a stable career choice when Louis was first starting out.

"His dad was so worried about him when he picked a career in music management," she said.

"He was having his third operation in the Mater Hospital when Louis had just started Boyzone and he brought the band in to meet his dad.

"Frank just said afterwards, 'At least the boys can sing'."

And Maureen, who still lives in the family's Mayo home, said that he grew up obsessed with music.

"He never learnt how to play a musical instrument but he loved listening to music and reading about it.

"As a child growing up he was at every music function in the area, even though he was too young to be going to them. There was no stopping him when it came to music."

Louis (53) also admitted that his mother had initially hoped that as the family's eldest son he would choose a career in the clergy.

"That was the tradition then. She wanted me to go off on the missions to the Far East and all that stuff.

"Would I have been a good priest? No, I was far more interested in pop."

The X Factor judge is now one of the most respected names in the industry, with a string of number one bands under his belt -- but he is best known for starting the careers of Boyzone and Westlife.