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Louis reveals secret of fresh face

Outspoken Louis Walsh has admitted how Simon Cowell persuaded him to go under the knife to improve his looks for TV.

The X Factor judge has come clean about having had a little helping hand from a top cosmetic surgeon last year after taking advice from the billionaire producer.

"He told me I had to look after myself, my teeth. He told me to get rid of my (eye) bags and things like that. He said to me 'You're on TV darling -- you know what it's like, high definition and all that.' So I'll do what I have to, I want the job," he said.

The X Factor judge went on to say that he wouldn't describe his surgical procedures as a "nip and tuck" and while he has had some minor cosmetic work carried out, he has insisted he has "never had Botox".


The music mogul has jetted back home to Ireland, following a month-long break in his Miami holiday pad, but has said the past few months did take their toll on him, given Stephen Gately's untimely death. He also told Gerry Ryan how he deeply regretted certain decisions he made when dealing with the late Dublin star.

"I regret I didn't do more for him, to be honest," he said. "He was supposed to do Celebrity Big Brother and I had a meeting with him and the producers in London and he didn't want to do it and I was like 'what do you mean you don't want to do it. It's going to help your career and be great for you,'" he explained.

Louis also revealed how he hopes that Boyzone will forge ahead with plans to embark on their international tour, which they put on the long finger after Stephen's passing. Further doubts have been cast on their future, given that Ronan Keating has signalled a possible move to LA in 2010.

He also revealed he is lining up Jedward to perform at Croke Park as a support act for Westlife on June 5, as well as JLS.

"Jedward in Croke Park -- who would have thought it?" he said.