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Louis protected Boyz from failure, says Shane

Boyzone singer Shane Lynch has criticised former manager Louis Walsh for how "unaware" they were of the negative aspects of fame.

The All Ireland Talent Show judge said that the pop mogul promised them a flashy celebrity lifestyle right off the bat, including "gold cards to every night club in Dublin".

Lynch said that their naivety was most evident in their notorious Late Late Show debut in 1993, where he was wearing just a pair of dungarees and grinding suggestively.

"It's almost Louis Walsh's fault of how unaware we were as guys because he said it would happen, so we expected it. So when we got together, although we did the Late Late Show, which is a very famous clip obviously now, with Gay Byrne introducing us to Ireland.

"Even from that beginning, we were nobodies on the biggest TV show in Ireland. So our first footstep within the world of music was at the highest peak.

"We were terrible and that's fine, but we got talked about because we were so bad which made us famous," he said in an interview with Marian Finucane on RTE Radio One.

Shane was just 17 when he first joined the band and said that he and his fellow bandmates were attracted to the prospects of a flashy lifestyle Walsh had promised them.

"One of his great quotes is 'You'll have every gold card for every nightclub in Dublin. You can get in no problem lads'. And that's what excited us. He said 'You'll travel the world'. That's what he said and we believed him. So we didn't expect any failure, we didn't expect that it wasn't going to happen and we just went on this train. And that's exactly what happened," he added.

In the candid interview, he also revealed that his bad boy image has been carefully constructed throughout his lengthy career as he struggled to cope with being in the limelight at first.

"I set out to create this character because I'm actually very shy. So being a shy individual, I was intimidated by the world of music and by a lot of people," he said.