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Louis keeps Jedward in papers in row with Ryan over toy show

JEDWARD were back in the headline as Louis Walsh criticised their treatment by Ryan Tubridy and the Late Late Show.

Pop mogul Walsh blasted the RTE presenter for giving John and Edward Grimes a "hard time" during their appearance on the Late Late Toy Show last week and said that his behaviour even disappointed their mother.

The X Factor judge recently announced he would be taking over as the twins' manager and he criticised Tubridy for making his newest act look bad.

"You gave them a hard time on the Late Late and their mother was watching, Susannah was watching and she wasn't happy.

"They're really nice kids when you get to know them, but they were edited in the show to look like they were not nice," he furiously told the newly crowned king of chat.


In a fiery debate, Tubridy quickly responded by defending his actions and accused Louis of seeing imaginary slights.

He said: "I showed them a good time! I've met Susannah recently and not only is she a lovely woman, the two lads are lovely fellas.

"They were nice and you could see that in them. What did you see?"

During their appearance on the show, the quiff-haired duo from Lucan energetically cartwheeled into the studio.

The twin sensations were one of the biggest draws to this year's toy show and have been credited for pulling in a record 1.4 million viewers.

But as the TV star was eager to ease the growing tension during the interview, he swiftly changed the topic to a more favourable subject for the pop supremo and asked about what the future holds for Jedward.

"They're probably going to do a TV series, endorsements, gigging, a bit of singing, a bit of dancing.

"Kids love them. I can see Jedward dolls, Jedward books, Jedward everything, Jedward mania.

"I'm not taking them on for the money, it's a challenge.

"They were great on the show. I just took a chance and they were the best of a bad lot of groups," Walsh said.

He also commented on the rumours that fellow X Factor judges Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole are feuding. "I think they're just friends. I don't think they're great friends. They just work together, they don't socialise together," he said.

The pop mogul issued his tongue lashing in a pre-recording of a special Christmas edition of the Late Late Show due to air on December 27.