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Louis judges talent hopeful as The Exorcist

Louis Walsh describes a singing cleaner's performance as "like The Exorcist" during the latest Britain's Got Talent auditions.

Walsh is a guest on the judging panel, which meets 40-year-old Julie, a cleaner who works in a police station.

"My big dream is to be a professional singer, music maestro please," she says, before launching into Michael Jackson's One Day In Your Life.

Julie describes herself as "a very powerful singer, very passionate".

But Amanda Holden tells her: "I found it quite threatening."

Julie hits back: "It's an emotional song, about being dumped, you don't say when you're being dumped: 'Hey ho and diddly dee', you're heartbroken."

But delivering his verdict, Walsh says: "Not a note was in tune, it was like The Exorcist."

Meanwhile, singing bouncer Neil gets an attack of nerves before going on stage.

But the audience start waving their arms in appreciation as he performs Frank Sinatra classic Come Fly With Me.

Judges also meet James, who says: "I'm 50 years old and an accountant, I'm single and live at home by myself, never been married and have no children.

"When I play the clarinet I get a warm feeling inside, it has a unique sound which provides a lot of pleasure for me."

James starts to play and the audience boo when Holden buzzes.