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LOST LOVE: Cindy from Denver searches for her dream man after holiday romance in Temple Bar


ROMANCE: Cindy Johnston from Denver is searching for a man, known only as John, that she met in Dublin

ROMANCE: Cindy Johnston from Denver is searching for a man, known only as John, that she met in Dublin

ROMANCE: Cindy Johnston from Denver is searching for a man, known only as John, that she met in Dublin

A US woman who is desperately seeking her lost Irish love has sparked the imagination of romantic Dubliners.

Cindy Johnson from Denver, Colorado, met the man of her dreams in The Left Bank pub in Dublin's Temple Bar on October 26.

After spending a wonderful evening with the man, known only as John, Cindy parted company with her new love without swapping contact details -- a decision she has regretted ever since.

When she got back to Denver, Cindy decided she had made the biggest mistake of her life and spent every day since then trying to track him down.

Now in a desperate attempt to track down the man of her dreams, Cindy plans to return to Dublin to find the one that got away.

"Please believe me when I say I'm not crazy, I'm a normal woman and have never done something like this before", says the 40-something-year old who has booked a return flight to Dublin to further her search.

Cindy met John while spending ten days in Dublin last month. When they were in the bar together, John told her he and his brother were out celebrating their sister's baby's christening.

"He told me that his sister had married an Indian man so I have been calling churches in Dublin looking for baptismal records."

She shared a taxi with John on her way back to her hotel and thinks she would recognise his house if she saw it again because it was the same route as the Dublin marathon. She hopes to find it when she comes back to Dublin next month.


"I have downloaded the Dublin city marathon route map off the internet and I am beginning to get somewhere."

In a bid to help Cindy find her beau, the Herald went back to the place where it all began.

And happily for the American lady, we may have just found the man she needs to help her on her mission.

Eamonn Hyland has worked as a doorman at the Temple Bar venue for seven years now and claims he never forgets a face.

"If he's a regular, then we should have no problem in finding him," he said.

Meanwhile, customers at the popular venue seem confidant Cindy will be reunited with her love.

Anthea Balshaw and Ted Ngatai, originally from New Zealand said: "She can find him if she puts her mind to it, I mean Dublin's not that big at the end of the day.

"Everyone is looking for love and as we all know it's not that easy to find. If this woman has found the one for her then why not?" she added.

Meanwhile, loved up couple Sally and Nick Whyte are all for Cindy's unorthodox method of finding love.

Sally told the Herald: "I really wish her all the best and admire her for trying."


"My husband and I met under quite unusual circumstances when we were both working on a cruise ship in the Bahamas, so I definitely think anything is possible," she added.

However, not everyone believes Cindy's plan is to be recommended.

According to Sue Gee: "If they didn't exchange details that night, he was probably married.

"Each to their own but it's definitely a long shot," she said.