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Losing baby weight? It will drop off as soon as I'm back on TV - Sybil

TV3'S Sybil Mulcahy says she's in no rush to lose any of the baby weight she gained during her third pregnancy.

The 37-year-old is gearing up to go back to the day job in three weeks, having taken seven months off to have baby Michael.

But Sybil told the Diary she feels under "no pressure" to lose the baby weight ahead of her return to the Morning Show sofa she shares with Martin King.

Unlike other well-known mums in the public eye, who embark on radical diets and gruelling exercise regimes to snap back to their pre-baby shape, Sybil is taking a far more laidback approach.

She said: "I haven't lost any of the weight and it doesn't bother me at all. It takes nine months to put it on so it should take nine months to take it off. I just haven't had the time, to be honest.

"But as soon as I go back to work and start getting back into a routine again, it will start coming off."

And she has no cunning plan to ensure she sheds the pounds -- she just plans to "eat less and move more". "It's not something I'm stressing about, not at all," she continued.

She's now really looking forward to getting back to see all her pals in TV3 and her job with the morning programme she has co-hosted with Martin since 2009.

Sybil, who's the face of CaldeSpray, has two other children, Hugh (6) and Genevieve (4), and welcomed in her third little arrival last April.

First-time mum Aisling O'Loughlin has been filling in for her while she's been off, but station bosses now plan to move her back to the Xpose team once Sybil's maternity leave finishes on November 12.

"She did a great job while I was off. The ratings are up and the programme has been performing really well," she continued.

"I've been off now for seven months which is a lot more than other women take off in the station so I had a good break. I feel grand about leaving the children too as I've had the same full-time childminder who's been with me for five years and she's just brilliant with them."

Sybil added how her youngest baby has been suffering from reflux and has been sleeping in the same room as her and her husband John Prendeville. She hopes that he'll be better by the time she returns to work.

And she's adamant that there are no more children planned for her future, despite the ongoing baby boom in TV3. Ireland AM presenter Anna Daly recently confirmed she's pregnant with baby number two, and is due in March. That's the same month that Xpose producer Debbie O'Donnell is due her second child with hubbie Johnny.

- MF